Thursday, February 05, 2015

Under The Weather

I am home sick, with cats sleeping on my feet, with what might be the flu and what might just be a nasty cold.

I could go to the doctor and find out which.  That would mean going to the doctor.  Which would mean a co-pay.  That would mean $40.00.

Since it's probably not flu, I'll stay here and drink a lot of tea and eat a ton of generic over the counter drugs.  (Which I had to show my ID to buy.)  Odds are even if it is the flu, I won't get complications and die, given I'm pretty hearty and well-nourished.

It's the free market at work, y'all.


Bardiac said...

Take good care of yourself, Delagar. I hope it's only a bad cold and you recover quickly!

fairyhedgehog said...

There is a nasty fluey cold around and I'm sorry you've got it.

Advice over here is not to visit the doctor even for flu because all they can do is advise rest, lots of fluids, and pain relief.

I'm sorry you're ill and I hope you get better soon.

delagar said...

I'm feeling better with a lot of sleep and a lot of tea and soup and OTC meds, so the advice seems right!

Over here, they want us to come in if we thinks it's the flu. There are a couple of meds they can give you that can maybe shorten the course of the disease.

But given the co-pay and then the cost of paying for the tests and the meds -- which (at least before, I haven't tried out my new insurance) were not always covered by the medical deductible, I have always opted to stay in bed and wait it out.

This only failed to work once, when the flu turned into pneumonia.

But that's good news! For me, anyway, because I'm robust and relatively young. Because pneumonia can be treated, in someone as healthy as me, with antibiotics and a lovely opiate-laden cough syrup.

This time, though, I'm getting better. I slept most of yesterday and fourteen hours last night, and now I just feel a little achy and ill.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Pneumonia is no joke even when you're young and fit, so I'm glad it's not showing signs of turning into that!

(I've had the vaccine, so one less thing for me to worry about!)

Unknown said...

we've been to so many doctors in the last two weeks that it ate up our rent money... that sucked. but at least I'm on the mend, and J seems to be... finally. I hate this "flu season" even though we didn't have the flu.

delagar said...

Which is another problem with our celebrated free market, Whitney.

Fuck this system. :(