Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Yet Another Time Suck!

Here's an app for you"


You go there, clear the screen, paste in your own writing, and hit edit.

It will tell you how much your writing is like Hemingway's.

Mine is 100% Hemingway.  I am 20% pleased, 80% dismayed by this.


Unknown said...

mine didn't rate on a scale of "how Hemmingway am I" but rather gave me the grade level and other doo-dads...

20 of 105 sentences are hard to read.
6 of 105 sentences are very hard to read.
14 adverbs. Aim for 8 or fewer.
3 words or phrases can be simpler.
5 uses of passive voice. Aim for 21 or fewer.

delagar said...

You're far less Hemingway than I am!

I got 0 of 60 sentences hard to read

0 of 60 very hard

1 adverb -- aim for 2 or fewer. (This part mystifies me -- what is their algorithm for deciding how many advers are okay?)

0 words/phrases can be simpler
0 uses of passive voice (the program does seem to be able to tell a passive from a progressive, which pleases me!)