Saturday, March 29, 2014


Writing for me is like sneaking up on a butterfly.

Or maybe a sleeping kitten?

I have to get everything just right.

The room has to be right.  My music has to be right.  (Gangstagrass has been my favorite for some time.) The level of caffeine in my blood has to be perfect.  And then...and then...and then....I open the file of my current story and...maybe --

But this is an insane way to function and I know it.  I don't do anything else this way.  This is not how I prep to teach, this is not how I do committee work, this is not how I write new courses, or blog posts, or anything else.  Every other kind of work I have to do, I just get to it, and work until it is done.

Surely writing should be the same?

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