Friday, December 27, 2013

delagar: Top Ten Posts of 2013

So we're nearing the end of 2013, and I've been doing my usual retrospective -- helped out this year by FB, interestingly enough, which has this new feature where it shows you Your Year in Review!

My Year in Review, according to FB, starts out with a joke post I made on January 4, 2013:

"What's the difference between a large pizza and a writer?" 
 "A large pizza can feed a family of four."  BA-DA-Da-DUM!"

Then we progress through a day in June when I wrote an entire short story in two hours, Yom Kippur when the kid and I had an argument about fasting --

The kid -- good Jew that she is -- is arguing with me relentlessly about why she should not have to fast on Yom Kippur. "I'm an atheist! Jewish atheists shouldn't have to fast! Should they? WELL SHOULD THEY?"

I'm deeply amused, of course, because as much as keeping the high holidays is a tradition for Jews, so is arguing about religion.

-- the day I turned in my promotion portfolio, and a message from one my students about sexism, and another message from another student about graduating.

Seems legit like my year, frankly.

As an added service, though, I'm presenting the top 10 posts from the blog this year, for your delectation:

February 2013: Who Let The Girls In?

March 2013: Sexy Lamps! A Supplement to the Bechdel Test

Also March 2013: Why Do Fewer Guys Go To College?  

 (Bonus:  The Effect of Education on a Woman's Brain.)

April 2013: New Member of the Family

May 2013: Teaching Our Bodies, Ourselves

June 2013: Looks Like You Got Yourself a Feminist There

August 2013: You Are Hurting Me With THOSE WORDS

Also August 2013: Smile, Sunshine!  Good Manners and Girls

November 2013: Living While Female in Fundamentalist Country

December 2013:  Child Rape Is Just A Traditional Life Choice if It Happens To Girls

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