Sunday, May 06, 2012

That's It, Folks

I have done submitted my final grades for Spring 2012.

The semester is therefore concluded.

I spent the day -- most of it -- writing and writing and writing. I love that moment when I know where a story is going and how to get there: when the Muse is chasing me, rather than me kicking her up the hill. (My Muse is a scruffy crop-haired urchin, who is sometimes female and sometimes male, and spends most of its time sulking under the table or in the corner, and has to be cussed at and coaxed into working at all. Lots of coffee works, or failing that, a bit of rum. But today! Hah!)

Toward evening I quit, because the kid turned 14, at exactly 6.27 p.m. We had chicken gruel and cheesecake, and discussed her infancy and early childhood. Also what she had been drawing, locked away in her room all day. She is drawing humans now, because if she is to be a real animator, she feels she must learn to draw humans.

Tomorrow she's going off to spend most of a month with her grandparents. While I will miss her -- Moar writin time for me!

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Andrevs said...

Poor Muse! Lol. I coax my Muse with cups of java. Sounds like the birthday evening went well.