Saturday, May 19, 2012

Epic American Movies?

I am compiling a list of movies to show in my American Epics class (which starts in about one week, yeah, not that I put things off to the LAST MINUTE).

Since this is actually a class in The Revolution, just disguised as a class in American Epics, I'd kind of like these to be American Epic Revolutionary movies. So far I have a working list that looks like this (in no particular order, and yes, I do know some of these aren't exactly epic or exactly revolutionary):

Angels With Dirty Faces
Grapes of Wrath
There Will Be Blood
The Best Years of Our Lives

Any other suggestions? They have to be American movies, but they can be from any era, and set anywhere.
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Tree of Knowledge said...

Well, you know Star Wars is about a revolution. :)

delagar said...

Hmm. I didn't think about Star Wars.

delagar said...

I did think about BSG, but it's WAY TOO LONG.

Tree of Knowledge said...

V for Vendetta
District 9
Pan's Labyrinth (I know of some good academic articles on PL)

I have a cold, so my brain isn't working. It was bothering me that I couldn't think of anything but sci-fi, so I googled a list:

There are apparently lots of lists. I think the heavy amount of sci-fi films would be an interesting thing to bring up in class.

Tree of Knowledge said...

Pan's Labyrinth isn't American. oops

delagar said...

V for Vendetta! How did I miss that one?

I gotta go see that list!

Andrevs said...

Please. At least put V for Vendetta on your list. Something contemporary.
And really. Alien? Did you pick it because the star is a woman? ;)
And yeah. Star Wars, too. Those are the big movies.
Can't wait for the class!