Saturday, August 06, 2011

School's Out!

And I have figured out how to fix the sequel to Broken Slate.

(Basically I am going to morph Martin's War INTO Triple Junction. This is going to work like you wouldn't believe. It will fix the terrible issue I was having with Efram's character, it will front-load the plot with the Pirians, which was the other vicious issue I was having, it will super-charge the front half and middle of the book -- YO! PROBLEMS SOLVED.)

Now all I have to do is get most of it done over the next 14 days while school is not in session.

No, not really: because this next semester coming up is so sweet: I am teaching four classes, two of which are night classes (Wednesday WLIT, and Thursday Fiction Workshop) which leaves me only 2 day classes, both on MWF (9:00 and 11:00) which means, you guessed it, two whole days with NOTHING to do but write.

Now, if Fort Smith would ever stop being the hottest place in the USA, I would be a happy camper.

112 today.

112 yesterday

110 tomorrow.

No relief in sight.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. At some point (over 100 degrees), the actual temperature/heat index almost stops mattering. It's brutal, brutal, and more brutal.

I saw Fort Smith touted as a low-cost of living city on some finance blog and thought of you.

Regards, L

delagar said...

It is fairly cheap here!

We say it is because no one wants to stay. Though this isn't entirely true, obviously.

But there's nothing at all to do here: two bookstore, a Bibles-a-Million and a small Hastings, a tiny, tiny privately run art museum, an equally tiny privately run amateur theater, two movie houses that both play the same five big-ticket movies, that's it. If you're into hiking or camping or hunting or riding, well, you're probably okay, at least. Otherwise, you do what most of our 13-25 year olds do -- spend your weekends driving the backroads drinking and "mudding," a local sport where, having gotten fairly high, you drive your truck in fast cirles through the mud.

This last sport has been somewhat curtailed by the late drought, I am sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

We're a little better off than that here in Kansas, we even have a new Trader Joe's, although our elected officials are all trying to out-church the Texans.

But like you, I adopted a kitten. She's almost 4 months old now, and at this moment is making a hopeless mess of paperwork on the dining room table and using the chairs as a jungle gym. Oh, and I'll probably never see that pen again. In a few minutes though, she'll leap into my lap, purr loudly, and nuzzle her way into the nook of my shoulder before she falls asleep. I'll decide to do laundry later. There's real consolation in the infinite cuteness of a small cat. Ah, here she is. Gotta go! -L

delagar said...

Kittens are wonderful! Our Kitty is now a cat & still wonderful. She insists she has to sit on my lap (which is where the laptop sits) and won't take no for an answer. Just now she has her head under my armpit, which makes typing difficult.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. - L