Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Um, nine times what now?

So as part of the great homeschooling, I am teaching the kid math.

Since she is better at math than I am, you can imagine.  But we are making progress, especially now that Heebie-Geebie and one of my homeschooling students have hooked me up with some books that actually make sense.  (Thanks, y'all!)

OTOH, as I discovered recently, the kid has not ever learned her times table.  Or "times facts" as they are apparently called now.  In fact, when I drew out a times table for her to fill in, she was mesmerized. 

"What is that?" she demanded.  

I showed her how it worked, filling in a few of the squares.

She yanked the table from under my hands.  "Look," she said, filling in more.  "Look!  It's all patterns!"

"Uh," I said.  "Yeah.  That's the cool part.  But--"

"Look!  Diagonals!"

She sees patterns in numbers where I see nothing at all.  "Okay, but--"

"And look what the nines do!"

"But you still have to memorize them!"

"Oh, Ma.  You're no fun."


j0lt said...

I love the finger trick with nines: i.e. for 6 x 9 you put up ten fingers then bend down the sixth. You have five fingers, gap, then four fingers. Tada: 54!
(and it always adds up to nine, at least thru 10x9.)

heebie-geebie said...

Did they pan out? I'm so glad!