Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amazing Essay

In reply to the horrifyingly depressing essay on the Apex blog the other day, here is Athena's essay, which I cannot even begin to encapsulate -- and so will not -- but I will say this:  it was worth being torqued over that "PC Parrots" crap, if it propelled Athena to write this.

One of my favorite bits, a teaser:

Our curiosity and inventiveness are endless and our enlarged frontal cortex allows dizzying permutations.  We shape the dark by dreaming it, in science as much as in art; at the same time, we constantly peer outside our portholes to see how close the constructs in our heads come to reflecting the real world.  Sometimes, our approximations are good enough to carry us along; sometimes, it becomes obvious we need to “dream other dreams, and better.”  In storytelling we imagine, remember, invent and reinvent, and each story is an echo-filled song faceted by the kaleidoscope of our context.  To confine ourselves to single notes is to condemn ourselves to prison, to sensory and mental deprivation.  Endless looping of a single tune is not pleasure but a recognized method of torture. 

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Athena Andreadis said...

Awww! But think of the original post as the pebble in a shoe that motivates the paving of a pothole... or the sand grain that irritates an oyster. You know the results of that! *smile*