Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Rapekits

Well, now -- according to information uncovered by Huffington Post, Palin not only was on watch while her Sheriff was charging rape victims for their rape kits: Palin not only knew her Sheriff, the one she hired, was charging victims for their rape kits: Palin not only signed off on the policy of charging victims for their rape kits: Palin very well may have instituted the policy in Wasilla of charging victims for their rape kits.

Mind you, it was legal in Alaska to charge victims for their rape kits (as it apparently also is in NC and various other states) but previous to Ms. Sarah Palin's tenure no one was such a horrible person to think that was an appropriate action.

Really.  Seriously.  Fuck's sake.  What sort of evil heart does a human being have to have to think that's right action?

And we want her to quite possibly lead our nation?


This is from the USA Today article on the Rapekit-Gate:

"In 2000 there were 497 rapes reported in Alaska...That's a rate of 79.3 per 100,000 residents, the highest in the nation."  Which, why wouldn't the state have the highest in the nation, with this attitude toward rape?  Ms. Palin believes (a) a woman should have to bear the child of her rapist and (b) should have to bear the costs of prosecuting that rapist if she's bold and brave enough to bring charges against him.  What sort of message is she sending to the potential rapist in her state?  She's made it legal to shoot wolves from the air; she's all but made it open season on women, too.  Patriarchy much?

And, yes, Alaska wasn't the only place this was going on -- which was why Congress passed a law requiring states to provide rape kits free of charge to the victims in 2005.  Guess who was a co-sponsor of that bill?  Guess who was not? Yes, that would be Obama for the former, and our buddy McCain for the latter.

Republicans: We Support the Culture of Rape!


Bardiac said...

Not this part of "we"!

Dang, it's a small town, right? She could have paid for rape kits out of her own pocket without coming up short on the mortgage, I bet.

Anonymous said...

That just makes me sick. All of it. A woman endorsing the practice of forcing rape victims to pay for rape kits. States (the plural on that really gets me) making it legal. It's disgusting.