Friday, May 30, 2008


Nothing wrong with the health care system in this country!

This guy, who runs RAM, Remote Area Charity, flies around the world bringing health care to impoverished nations. Guess who gets 60% of his time?

Why, that would be us! As in the U.S.!!

Not Africa, or some abandoned bit of India, nope, Tenneesee, the Ozarks, Georgia.

"You can just go to an emergency room," Bush asserted, speaking like a man who never had to do without healthcare in his fucking life. Stan Brock's RAM, on the other hand, provides vision care, dental care, all sorts of care, which, if Bush had a clue, he would realize you don't get from an emergency room, or any other health care facility unless you can pay up front -- and that's the definition of working poor: can't pay, up front or otherwise.

Why is this a crime? Because we ought to have universal health care in this country, that's why. Stan Brock's resources ought to go to actual poor countries, not to this one. We are not a poor country. Look around! Someone is getting rich as shit off the health care industry: off the misery of others. Is that the American way?

Like torture and wire-tapping, maybe it is.

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zelda1 said...

Yesterday, I was in line at Walmart buying my medicine and a woman and man were there buying groceries. They didn't have enough to pay for their food and the medicine that they had for their baby. They had a sack of prescriptions and baby tylenol, motrin, and some kind of cough medicine. So, they start putting things back. The kid is crying, the mother is in tears as she puts back food and of course the kid doing the checking out is pissed and acting all better than. I wanted to give her the money, but with gas and food prices, I don't have the extra. By the way, my latest hospital bills added to my old hospital bills(after insurance pays) over 150,000 bucks. We talked to an attorney. This fucking sucks.

tonkelu said...

It sucks and it's wrong. No one should have to chose between food and medication. The American people should have just as much access to health care as the people who run this country do. I'm often so ashamed of the U.S.