Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still Here

Haven't posted lately, but I'm still around. It's just a confluence of (a) the end of the semester, when things step up naurally (b) the pneumonia which I am still recovering from [I lost a total of 12 pounds and don't seem to be regaining either them or any energy, but I suppose I will once the semester ends and I can sleep as much as I want to, which is to say 14-19 hours a day] and (c) some major fucking depression attached to being rejected by the good agent which is 3 agents in a row, which I suppose is nothing special -- I know it's nothing serious-- and I need to get over it and keep on submitting but fuck me if I can seem to and then (d) bad stuff keeps happening to people all around me. What is up with that?

It comes down to I am just too bummed to blog.

But more blogging soon.


Diane said...

Recovering from something like pneumonia can bring you down, too. When the body isn't right, everything is wrong.

Hope you feel better soon. I think I was in SC when you were in N.O., but the next time you come down, let me know.

CB said...

I'm there with you on D.