Monday, April 16, 2007

Imus and Maher

So I got back from the conference -- which went well, despite my ongoing pneumonia (it won't die-e-e) -- late last night, and while I was doing laundry and trying to finish prepping for Chaucer and coughing my lungs out, mr. delagar was watching Mr. Maher on the television as Mr. Maher defended Imus, tried to claim that folks had overreacted, that Al Sharpton and all the other black folks were seizing Imus's remarks as a political opportunity, that use of the media was not a valid way to make political advances (um, what?), that people had a right to say what they wanted in this country (okay, yes, but so?) and that to object just because Imus had called some black women nappy-headed hos was not fair. Or at least that Imus shouldn't lose his job over it. Because rich white guys shouldn't lose their jobs just because they attack black women.

I guess. Because then he dumped Al Sharpton and brought on some white guy I didn't recognize and he and the white guy made jokes about Al Sharpton's teeth and dialect and accent and from there transitioned into a lengthy whinefest how unfair it was that rich white guys like themselves got attacked in the media just because they made jokes about the disenfranchised and how picked on rich white guys were these days and how it wasn't easy being a rich white guy in America these days, how everyone was piling on rich white guys and it was ever so difficult trying to be a rich white guy making a living not to mention living in America where the poor and otherwise colored and female and disenfranchised got all the breaks and no one seemed to appreciate that.

I felt for them, I tell you. My heart bled.

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onelittlemustardseed said...

Just found your blog...looks good so far! I agree with you...what offended me more, was listening to Rosie and Joy defend Imus today on the view...

Four well to do white woman and Bill Maher discussing this issue as if they have all the answers...and the rest of us have just gone to far with politically correct!