Wednesday, December 13, 2006

That War on Christmas Again

You might have heard about the fuss, out in Seattle, about the Christmas trees and the Menorah.

The Seattle airport with its Christmas trees? Rabbi Bogomilsky who wondered if maybe they might add a menorah or two? Since around 7% of the population of Seattle is, after all, Jewish?

The airport administration who said screw that, if we bend to one minority, we'll be bending to all minorities (never mind that Christians are, in fact, the minority in Seattle -- only 30% of people in Seattle are self-professed Christians) and took down the trees.

For which who got blamed?

Oh, that's right. The Jews.

Because this is America, after all, a Christian nation, and Rabbi Bogomilsky should be aware of that, and keep his faith out of the public square.

Go over to Google Blog Search, put in Rabbi Seattle and Airport, and see what the winger blogs have to say about this if you don't believe me. What an education in the worldview of our country.

NPR did a bit on this yesterday, which the kid heard on the way home from her Aikido. It upset her a great deal. Welcome to America, sweetie.


zelda1 said...

Now crazy emails are going around about the airport having to take down the tree. I sent back a reply that said, "Wouldn't it have been easier to just put up a few menorahs." I mean really, so what if that leads to celebrating with symbols of many religions, who cares, I say the more the merrier, and isn't this the idea of merry. It fucking amazes me how stupid some people are and are try to be.

CB said...

There's a sign in Pork Smith that says, "Merry Christmas is still correct" on a church, I believe. I wanted to go pin a sign on their door that said "so is "Happy Hanukka," "Happy Kwanzaa," "Habari Gani" "Yukpa, Nitak Hollo Chito," "Feliz Navida," "Io, Saturnalia!" and "Happy Holidays."
Oh,I did not like it.

Anonymous said...

well it's getting unnecessarily outrageous

well people are trying to be stupid