Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh, Who Cares?

The lack of uproar of Padilla and the habeas corpus issue in general continues to upset me.

People who ought to care about this and don't -- what is up, dudes?

This should be a central issue. Our country, our government, can take its citizens -- any of us -- seize us, hold us, torture us, for any reason or none, for as long as it wishes. All that government has to do is says it has cause. (Padilla is a U.S. Citizen. Bush said he was an enemy combatant. Didn't prove it in court. Didn't offer evidence to that effect. Just said it. And Padilla got held and tortured for 3 years. Now he has been charged -- not with being an enemy combatant, mind you. With a string of other crimes.)

And does anyone mind? Does anyone care? Are we upset?


Not like anything important is happening, is it?

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