Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Kid Strikes Again

Two days ago the kid found a copy of the Black Adder scripts in our local public library -- all the scripts, in one volume -- and has since been reading them with a Talmudic intensity that is almost unbearably charming.

Or it would be if she didn't keep demanding that we supply historical annotations, definitions of obscure words, and disquisitions on just why certain puns are or are not funny. Which behavior, frankly? Gets old after the second or third hour.


Last night, she's kneeling by the ottoman, her favorite study position, reading intently, and abruptly she says, "Daddy."

"What, sweetness?" mr. delagar says.

"Does prick have two meanings?"


jo(e) said...

She's ready to read the Canterbury Tales ....

CB said...

oh so funny!!! Only your kid, right, u know that. and I bet she said that matter of factly too. :D

zelda1 said...

Isn't it nice that she likes to read?