Monday, September 27, 2004

More Thoughts on Theism

So here’s Jen Schroder, pinched from World o’ Crap(, one of the Theists I was talking about below, boasting about her mother/son book-burning activities --( -- but don’t worry, it’s okay, God wants her to burn books. It says so right there in the New Testament.

It’s Harry Potter she’s burning, no big surprise, but on the same page she also complains about her son being forced to read about Native Americans and their pagan gods, and about Lowry’s The Giver, in which, as you know, such evil things occur as euthaniasia and the destruction of the biological family. (Miss Schroder seems to think Lowry means this society to be read as utopian rather than dystopian. Miss Schroder’s not a gifted reader.)

Elsewhere on her site, Schroder complains about her son being forced by his evil public school to read books that mention Islam without saying that it’s just a belief and not true in every sentence, books that teach evolution without saying it’s just a theory and not true in every sentence, and being forced to study about “pagan” gods, by which I think she means Greek gods, though I’m not sure – her writing skills are not any better than her apparent reading skills.

Schroder and her ilk alarm me. We have a social contract in this country. It’s an important social contract, one that is responsible for our relative lack of tribalism and pogroms.

The contract says we let each other be. I let Schroder believe what she wants – teach her kid what she wants, however destructive and bizarre I believe it to be (and I do, in fact, for the record, believe that what she is teaching her child is both insane and destructive); and she stays out of what I am teaching my child. Americans have a multicultural society in which everyone is free to practice their own culture, their own religion, their own belief system. That’s the deal.

Schroder and her ilk are breaking the deal. They are breaking the deal for a specific reason, and it is connected to their worldview.

These folk don’t want pluralism. They don’t want freedom of religion. They want one religion: their own. They know the right answer. It’s their answer. There is no other right answer. And they will admit no other right answer. This is what they believe, and it is what they are teaching their children to believe.

It’s only one step from that to the Inquisition, to the Crusades, to burning women at the stake. Hell, Schroder’s already burning the books.


elenscher said...

Read the blessed cause website...very funny in a nervous laughter sort of way.

I must confess I don't see much difference in your stance and Mrs. Schroder.

You state that you don't agree with her belief system, if you had your preference it would be eliminated for its negative teachings, but you are willing to allow her, her backward beliefs because we're in America and that’s what we're supposed to be about.

Its a very similar argument to the one she is making. The difference to her appears to be that her belief system is not being adequately represented in the public school system. She sees on the reading list works of fiction that promote other systems of religious belief (e.g. the Animism of Native Americans, or the secular beliefs of the science fiction novel) what she wants is equal representation for her own belief system.

Ask yourself if the situation was reversed would you want it any different?

I suppose you could say that her beliefs are the mainstream and shouldn't need to be represented. But why not? If the true aim of an educational program is to expose students to as many different cultures and beliefs as possible, why isn't there a choice that represents Mrs. Schroder's beliefs?

zelda1 said...
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zelda1 said...

How did I do that? That's the problem with knowing a little bit about something. Well, my comment was there one minute and gone the next and the sad thing is I am too old to remember what I wrote. I still don't know what I did to make it all go away.
It's like the remote control for the dvd player. It was working and my husband went to the store and the sound got way too loud and I tried to turn it down and the voices went from english to japanese. I tried to correct that and the picture went away and all I got was sound. I should know better than to push buttons. They are all not there for our enjoyment. Some are there to delete.

The Kobalt Kestrel said...

Since Elenscher confesses inability to see a difference between Delagar and Schroder, perhaps I can offer a view of the difference from this vantage point:

While Delagar may not approve of Schroder's religion, I don't see any attempt by Delagar to destroy evidence of Schroder's existence... no Bible burnings called for.

Schroder's complaints, on the other hand, seem to urge the destruction of evidence of other belief systems... and such complaints about the visibility of another belief is no more a plea for equal time than murdering your neighbor is a plea for a bigger house!

Anonymous said...

I see the posts she writes as valid. After all, WHY should her kids be exposed to other religious material when her own religion was NOT allowed?

I mean this nations first school systems were meant to teach Christianity. But even if not, I get pissed when i see crap like that myself. I also saw on ehr site about the homo stuff in school, and that makes even more livid.

I think she's more like rush limbough, where she creates a lot of puff to be able to put a point across is all. I wouldn't be too hard on the gal.

cylon said...
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