Friday, September 24, 2004

Hopeful signs

It's cheering me up to see more and more Kerry/Edwards signs around our town these days -- which, considering the town I live in, where we get frequent letters to the editor complaining that our local Books-a-Million has "ungodly" books right out there on the shelf where young children can reach them, is something to remark on. Driving over to pick the kid up from the Montessori school (where we put her this year because last year at the public school she kept getting proselytized, not by the Christian children, who at five did not yet care that she was Jewish, but by the Christian children's parents, who wanted earnestly to save my child from the lakes of fire that they just knew she was destined for), I counted half a dozen signs and saw three cars with bumper stickers.

Saw dozens of Bush/Cheney stickers and signs, too -- those have been around for months, along with the giant TERRORIST HUNTING PERMIT bumper stickers and enormous flag magnets everywhere. It's the emerging Kerry/Edwards signs that are surprising and pleasing me, in this vehemently conservative community. If this place is starting to swing toward Kerry, well, hey, now.

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