Sunday, April 21, 2024

Ugh, Our Fridge Died

 To be fair, it was 30 years old -- we bought it before the kid was born -- but we were planning to celebrate Passover tomorrow, and Dr. Skull had already started the elaborate process which leads to his amazing matzoh ball soup. The process requires a working fridge, since the broth has to be chilled overnight and then cooked again, with a "raft," which is made of ground chicken, various vegetables, and eggs.

Anyway, I ordered a new fridge online (we're living in the future!) and it will be here tomorrow. We've moved the actual Passover celebration until Friday.

The fridge was $200 off, so that's nice. Plus they will haul away the old fridge.

ETA: I forgot the worst part. I had already cleaned house for the celebration. So now I have to clean house TWICE.

ETA Two: We have moved everything we're hoping will survive the night into an ice chest with plenty of ice. Fingers crossed. We found ever so many unexpected things in the way back of the fridge, including two bottles of wine and a bottle of Granny Smith hard cider, which I am consuming as we speak.

Delivery of the new refrigerator is scheduled for "first available time" tomorrow. I'm hoping before noon.

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