Thursday, September 10, 2020

Weather Report: And There Was Much Rejoicing


A big rainstorm came through last night, with a cold front behind it.

Well: cold.

How about cooler? It was in the high 60s most of the day, and when I took the dog to the riverfront park for his walk, it was almost chilly.

Please let this be the end of summer. 

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nicoleandmaggie said...

Lightening either hit our house or it something near our house to cause a power surge (when it happened it was crack-boom followed by an angry beep from DH's fancy surge protector). Our router is half dead (thankfully the wireless still works!), we had to untrip a lot of fuses, and somehow it killed both bulbs in the light fixture above the stove.

delagar said...

We had that -- a lightning strike near our house -- a few weeks ago. We had to get a new router. No other problems, though, thankfully.