Sunday, June 16, 2019

So I'm Wasting Time on the Internets...

...and I come across an article claiming to explain how to keep your home clean. (Actual title: "Is your home a mess? There's an app for that!")

I click on it, since there between writing novels, reading novels, taking the dog to the dog park, and catching up on the new season of Elementary,  keeping the house clean is waaaay down on my list.

Guess what the app does?

It lets you hire people to clean your house.

This is what I mean by people in the top 5% being radically out of touch with those of us in the middle and working classes.

If I had the money to hire someone to clean my house, I wouldn't need a damn "app for that." I could throw a stone out my front door and hit fifteen or twenty people eager to clean my house, mow my lawn, deal with my scraggly oak trees, do my laundry, and any other job I could pay them ten dollars an hour to do.

App for that my ass.


Anonymous said...

On apps:
There's no reason you'd even need an app to hire someone to clean your house even if you had the money. Why in the world would a cleaner contract with an app so they could charge more and get less for the same amount of work? The reason drivers use Uber/Lyft is because it connects them with people who want to hire for driving. In return, Uber underprices and takes a huge cut of their earnings. *Rich people hire through agencies or word of mouth. Apps don't offer any kind of real social assurance. And in my experience, there's some hovering.

delagar said...

That's another point -- these "apps" are the same as using an agency to hire temp workers. The agency will take a huge cut of what you're paying for the service, and the worker gets minimum wage at best.

Far better to hire the worker directly. (Though sadly, as I say in the post, I can't afford to hire anyone to do anything these days.)