Monday, October 29, 2018

Rough Days

Y'all, I am having rough days.

Partly it is because the country is having rough days. I don't have to outline these for you -- terrorists shooting Jews and black people, lunatics sending bombs, Trump drumming up hate against immigrants.

Partly it is because I've been non-stop ill, and can't seem to recover.

Partly it is because, despite what Trump claims, the economy is not recovering. Oh, it is recovering if you are in the top quintile of income levels. And especially for those at the very top -- for the top 10%, their income is booming. But for the rest of us, our income is flat, which means (since prices of many things, like healthcare, fuel, and college degrees are rising) that our wages are actually falling.

It's getting harder and harder these days, I guess is what I'm saying.

If I weren't so sick, it would be less hard. As it is, ai.

On the other hand, this happened:


Bardiac said...

I seem to spend a lot of time stressing about election stuff and violence lately. It feels so inescapable.

Take care of yourself, please. And feel better soon.

delagar said...

Thank you, Bardiac!