Thursday, April 12, 2018

In America We Hate The Poor

So our local station posted news about Trump's new proposal -- drug-testing some of those who receive benefits -- which is obviously just Trump feeding bullshit to his base.

But you can guess how the comments ran.

Hell yeah, drug-test them all!

If I gotta pee in a cup to keep my job at the gas station, so should some parasite on WELFARE!

A few people made the point that we've already tried drug-testing those on benefits, and found that almost no one on SNAP was doing drugs. (As one of my friends  pointed out, yeah, poor people can't afford to buy drugs, who would have guessed?)

Others made the point that testing people without cause is a violation of the 4th Amendment.

But this cut no ice with Trump's base, since the only amendment they care about is the Second Amendment, and since their aim is not actually to stop poor people from doing drugs -- their aim is to punish people for being poor. Because in America being poor is a crime.

How much you want to bet most of those screeching about making "those people" take a piss-test go around bragging about how Christian they are?


delagar said...

Bardiac -- I accidentally deleted your comment :(

But I was able to copy it, though the magic of technology. So I'ma paste it in here:

BARDIAC SAYS: Bleeping waste of money! Use the money to give more kids free breakfast/lunch or pay teachers decently. Heck, use it to repair infrastructure. But don't give it to testing companies to catch the 1 in whatever big number...

To which, btw, I agree!

Bardiac said...

No worries about the accidental delete, but thanks for repasting!