Thursday, January 14, 2016

Two-Faced: The End

My kid posted the last page of the comic, Two-Faced, which she has been writing and drawing since she was fourteen years old -- almost three years of work.

It's a lovely page, so that's one thing:

And the comic itself has done very well -- she routinely got hundreds of comments for each page, and has, I believe now, almost 3000 followers.

It features as its main character a cat born with with two faces -- a birth defect; cats with this defect are known as Janus cats. The most famous of these Janus cats was Frank and Louie, or sometimes Frankenlouie. The main character of Two-Faced is Janice, whose third eye gives her the power to see both into the future and into the past. Unfortunately, her home turf becomes center stage for a war.

If you'd like to read it, start here: Two-Faced.

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