Thursday, May 28, 2015

Still raining!

It's raining yet here in the Fort.

And...not only are we making National News, we're making Supernatural news.

Over here on io9, read about all about us -- over 18 inches of rain so far this month, and you can play with a very cool graphic!

Before and After Pics of Arkansas River.


Anonymous said...

It's not raining here! Even though the forecast called for it. First day not raining in forever.

delagar said...

Rained all day here. It stopped in the early evening, but more rain is forecast for tomorrow.
Where we live, things are okay, but many places around here, roads and bridges are under water. None of my students are -- yet -- flooded out, though.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could give CA some of this wet. Though we don't have it anywhere near as bad as places in the news reports--annoyingly soggy, but not flooded.

delagar said...