Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Kickstart Crossed Genres

So, this magazine I edit for.  Crossed Genres.  How much have I told you about it?

Maybe I've mentioned it's the Future of Science Fiction.  (Though, to be fair, we have also been accused of trying to destroy the genre).

Maybe I've mentioned we published original fiction every month, much of it by new writers.

Maybe I've mentioned how many great writers we've had in our pages -- Sabrina Vourvoulias, Sandra McDonald, Nisi Shawl, Cat Rambo, Daniel Jose Holder , Alex Dally MacFarlane, and many others.

But what do I love most about our magazine?

Our progressive fiction.  Our commitment to increasing the representation of women, of PoC, of Queer characters and non-binary characters, disabled characters and non-American characters.  (Our future isn't filled with WASPy American males, and we like it that way.)

Plus, we have just become a SFWA qualifying market.

Now you too can be a part of Crossed Genres.

We're running a Kickstarter.  See here for details, but the tl;dr: contribute money, from as little as a buck to as much as you like, and get fabulous prizes!

Chip in now.  Be the future you want to see!

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