Thursday, July 11, 2013

Drought, Maybe?

It hasn't rained in my bit of Arkansas in weeks, though some parts of NW Arkansas got some rain yesterday. This is doing the tiny garden we planted, not to mention our fig tree, no good, though I haul water to them both.  (Our slum of a house has no hose, of course.)

It clouded up while the kid and I were taking our walk yesterday, and while we were watching these clouds hopefully, trying to predict which direction they might drift (not towards us, turned out to be the answer), she asked, "Was the weather in Arkansas always like this?"

"Hot?  Miserable? Yes."

"No rain."

"Oh.  No.  Well.  There's always been droughts, sure.  But this kind of heat, and these kinds of weird droughts and weird violent wet summers -- you remember a couple summers ago when it rained non-stop and everyone's garden washed away? -- yeah, that's the climate change."

"I wish we could move somewhere else," she said glumly.

"Like some other planet?"

But then we talked about things people were doing to help with climate change, which cheered her up a little.

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