Friday, April 06, 2012

Passover! Yay!

Though I always feel kind of bad for liking Passover so much. We're supposed to be afflicted, yo.

We're having Uncle Charger and his mom down from the Real University to be afflicted with us, and Dr. Skull has been cooking for days. Since you cannot get the bread of affliction in Pork Smith (as Dr. Skull says, all you can buy here is Pork and a Bible), we have ordered in KFP wine and KFP matzo and KFP cookies and brownies and some marshmallows for the kid, which, if experience is anything to go by, will taste like fish, but hey.

Also I have cleaned the house (that's affliction enough for me) and the weather is being lovely for once -- very spring-like.

Chicken, asparagus, a kind of onion and raisin compote, matzo ball soup, and the usual food of affliction (horrid wines, Hillel sandwiches, strange tasteless cakes) are on the menu.

We have set a place for Elijah. Won't we be surprised if he shows up.

Good Passover, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Hillel sandwiches and plum wine charoset! My favorite. -L

delagar said...

I do like the Hillel sandwiches. Dr. Skull makes a mean charoset.