Monday, June 09, 2008


I hesitate to admit this, being as I am Gen X, you know, and disaffected and that, and, well, as one of my colleagues once said, the very worst thing you can ever do (like a total faux pas) upon walking out of a movie is to say you liked it, but, you know, I've been looking around the sphere and watching his clips on YouTube and reading bits of his books in the local bookstore (too poor to buy books right now) and, uh, I'm starting to --

Okay, I admit it. I'm liking this Obama.

What is about him? You watch him, and you like him. (Anyway, I do.) I want this guy to be president. I admit it. I do.

I don't believe I ever wanted anyone to be president before. It was always, before, that guy was a better choice than that other evil fucker.

This one, I actually listen to his speeches. I want to hear what he says. I'm interested.

This is so odd.


tonkelu said...

Refreshing, no?

I'm not sure what it will feel like on January 21, 2009, when I turn on the news to see what's up and not think (with regards to our Pres and VP), "Why can't you fuckers just roll over and die?" It'll be a nice change.

If you get the opportunity to see Obama in person- go. Every time I've seen him in person I get goose bumps. Not only do I think he's a fantastic speaker, I think he means it. I actually believe in him.

zelda1 said...

I can with Obama; though, I could hung better with Hillary. But, my full support is now with Obama. We should have a giant party, you know, when he wins.

Anonymous said...

I'm in and will bring beer!

Anonymous said...

He can certainly speak well and the presentation is flawless. And yes, he's miles better than McCain. But if you want to know what he'll be like in office, don't look at Bill Clinton - look at our very own Tony Blair. He might be bright, he might be breezy, but when's all said and done he will pursue the same kleptocratic policies as his predecessors. Just see the neoliberal guff that passes for economic policy on his website.