Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yes, once again! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Roll out the rum!

Roll out the eye-patches!

Roll out the pirate jokes!

(What's a pirate's favorite subject?


Also, essential tool: Lubber to Pirate translator!

And this: Pirate jokes!

See also Zeldman!


Anonymous said...

Pirate joke:
What does the Quiet Pirate say?

According to, my pirate name is Captain Bess Cash. What's your pirate name?

delagar said...

Me Pirate name is Dead-Eye Bailey Teach. ARRGH!

delagar said...

One of me students give me this haRRRtee joke:

What do pirates like about decorum?

The rum bit!

Anonymous said...

Aye! Rum!

Walk the plank! Argh!!!

Avast and shiver me timbers!

CB said...

Arr! that's the only pirate word I know enough to remember, but I use it.