Friday, February 02, 2007

Conversation at the delagar household

mr. delagar: can we turn up the heat? I'm freezing.

me: here's an idea. You could put on a sweater. Or a shirt with sleeves.

mr. delagar: or we could turn up the heat.

me: you're going about in a teeshirt in the dead of winter and complaining you're cold. Good shit.

mr. delagar: that's what heat is for, you know. HEATING.

the kid: Some people are trying to read here, you know.

(Repeat 3X per day, at least.)


zelda1 said...

So, Mr. Zelda keeps a blanket to wrap up in and still he complains that he is too cold and I tell him to be thankful that he isn't a homeless man and having to sleep on a cardboard box or cover up with newspapers. Yes, that's what i say.

Anonymous said...

I'd make fun of the easily-countered nonsense posted by that other anonymous, but there's no point.