Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Update on Katrina

I've heard about my brother -- not from him, exactly, but about him, via my mother, who got out of the city. He not only made it through the storm, and his dog* with him, but is back at work -- hah! -- moving computers from Tulane Medical Library computer lab to a higher floor, also books in the rare book room to higher ground.

This made me think, woefully, of the books at the NO Public library, down the street from the Tulane Medical Library. Ow. My brother says the water is rising about an inch an hour in New Orleans right now. All those lovely, lovely books.

*The dog, Jinx, is very cute, so this has made the kid very happy. She asked me, worriedly, if any dogs or cats died in Katrina. "None that we know," I said duplicitously, which, for once, worked. Likely because she wanted it to work.

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zelda1 said...

I am so happy to hear that your brother and his dog are safe and sound and busy. Yes, it is important to keep the little one from the cruelties of life as long as you can. I still tell my grown children that the dogs and cats and other wild animals always know and get to safe ground before a storm, flood, volcano, tornado...well you get it. They now look at me and say yeah, the animals know. I say yeah and it works. A few years back, during a flood along the river, we watched a deer struggle to get to shore. Some men went over to the area it was trying to swim to and were going to help it and I screamed at them and said, "That deer will never come ashore as long as it sees its enemy."
They came where we stood and we all watched it struggle against the current but finally it made it and stood trembling and I resisted the urge to run and dry it off and after a minute or two, it ran toward the woods. I was so happy that it made it.