Friday, October 22, 2004

Faith-Based Economics

We keep hearing from the earnest Rethugs all this noise about why Bush’s tax cuts are “fair” – because, you know, rich guys pay most of the taxes so rich guys should reap most of the benefits from the tax cuts.

Fine, okay, whatever. There are arguments we could make about that, but let it go.

Because that’s not how the tax cut plan was sold, or is being sold – it was and is being sold as a way to stimulate the economy. And, as Angry Bear points out here


giving so much of the tax cuts to the very rich doesn’t do much to stimulate the economy.

Which, unless Bush actually is a chowderhead, something I admit we can’t rule out, he had to have known.

So this whole “tax cuts are going to power up the economy any minute here now boys, jest have a little faith!” is just a big fat lie.

Of course, who didn’t know that all along? I mean anyone who hasn’t been drinking the Bushco Kool-Aid, of course.

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