Sunday, August 04, 2013

A Joke From the Kid

I am sitting in the white chair, writing and listening to Rile Kiley sing "A Better Son/Daughter."

The Kid rushes into the room.

The Kid: Mom! Mom!

Me: (Pulling off my earphone, patiently.  Being a mother who is a writer means constant interruptions. Especially when you have two cats and a dog as well as a Kid.)

The Kid: What do you get when you cross a potato with a penis?

Me: (smiling a little): What?


(The Kid laughs hysterically and rushes back to her room.)


dorki said...

A dangerous mind that kid. She will be doing puns next.

delagar said...

She *loves* puns.

"Why don't people think puns are funny?" she demands of me frequently. "Puns are HILARIOUS!!"

Anonymous said...

Puns are for people who can actually THINK!

The groaner the better.

delagar said...