Saturday, October 01, 2005


We had a presentation on Intelligent Design at our institution of Higher Learning yesterday, which was not just well-attended -- it was packed. Students crammed themselves into the auditorium. Standing room only.

Professors came too.

A movement is afoot in the blessed state of Arkansas to require the teaching of ID in the high schools. Many if not most of our students here in the Fort think this is a fine idea. That's why they showed up to the presentation: to show their support for ID.

The professors, obviously, were there for Other reasons.

The professors, needless to say, wiped the floor with the ID guy. He stood no fucking chance. Our professors, and the guy who came down from Fayetteville, are, I don't need to tell you this, very smart, very well educated people. They actually know things about science, biology, and evolution. They not only shot this ID guy down, they shot his shot-down pieces into tiny little smoldering bits, and then they shot his bits to bits.

Did this make the slightest impression on our Faith-Based Students?

It did not.

Facts are Stupid Things. And so are Faith-Based Students.

God Said it. They Believe It. That Settles it.

So what are we even doing here?


zelda1 said...

Last night, Mr. Zelda and I went out to eat and between watching the news that came on the four different televisions, from CNN to Fox, we began discussing the problems with those who believe in ID while the couple at the table next to us were eavesdropping on our conversation and were disgusted in what they heard. I say how can they, those people who want to mix ID and science together, can't happen, two different ideas. The scientists have proof, they have fossils, they have skeletons, they have, frozen men and women. The couple listened. I say, how can anyone with an iota of intelligence listen to the crap spewed by those fundalmental preachers? And why would they? When we were leaving, I noticed the little fundie couple sighing with relief, and I intentionally made eye contact with the woman, I smiled, she gave me an angry look. Yep, I thought, don't agree with me, don't believe like me, you don't deserve my kindness. Yep, that's a christain for ya.

Anonymous said...

I think Marketing should be taught at the high school level instead of starting in College, this way people who only have a high school education can learn when they're being marketed too. Rebranding Creationism as ID is no different than calling Coke Coca-Cola Classic, just two ways of referring to the same thing. Marketeers do it all the time, changing the label on something to pretty it up, but it's still the same shit underneath. Of course, none of that matters when it comes to religion, because everyone simply shuts off their brains when dealing with such subjects.

CB said...

amen ;)

maknhpyday said...

I was one of those students in the cram packed presentation. I always tend to feel sorry for the underdog, but not in this case. I was the first to ask a question because when it was open for questions it seemed like no one was going to pose any questions and good (?) Doc was about to dismiss the lecture. So I opened my mouth seeming to spew gibberish with my bumbling question; however, I did get about a 3-5 minute answer from the “smart” guy who or whom I was very impressed with. This did open up several others to asking their questions, and one gal in particular I just wanted to wring her neck. I wanted to say “what part of this do you not understand?”
That would not have been fair because several of the comments that the “against ID professor” stated were over my head. His nostrils widened with his controlled anger on the subject. My question was something like this, and again unintelligible compared to the reading I see on this site. Question: “So are you saying that ID is to be taught along side science in the classroom? You mean that religion or belief/faith in God or whoever faith based creator one believes in is going to be taught to our kids as a science?” He stated several states and statistics, and referred to the spaghetti monster which was rather funny. I had had a conversation with a professor prior to this lecture who stated that there are 18 states that are really striving for this. So I lived in California 33 years before moving to this wonderful (ugh) bible belt state of Arkansas, and I may think a tad more open, and okay so I’m not politically savvy though I wish I were. So with this simple student’s opinion who was baptized a Lutheran, raised a Baptist, practiced Buddhism in the seventies and continues to try and practice many of the teachings says “What the fuck!!!!!” Yeah I know that is not what a good Buddhist or Christian might say but again what the fuck! I do NOT want my grandchildren to be force fed a faith based religion, thought, or belief….it is NOT science. Science is science….PERIOD! You want to teach your kids religion, teach them at home, or at church, or form a class that studies cultures. This kind of crap really pisses me off. By the time kids get to college they are so closed minded that the professors can’t discuss the cultures of others without being bombarded with the minds that have some sort of invisible blinders on because there is only one true way to think. Can you imagine what it will be like if ID is mandated to be taught in high schools. Until a few weeks ago, sorry to say, I was not aware of this whole ID thing, and last night SNL poked fun at it. Since I am not politically savvy the question that I really wanted answered was “how as parents, grandparents or concerned citizens against the ID implementation, do we stop it. Is it too late? Is it all up to government officials, do we have to go to the schools, write our congressman, or what? Is it out of our hands?